New jewelry from old.

Tired of your old jewelry.Use your old rings and other pieces to create a new more up to date piece of jewelry that you will wear and enjoy.Let lauren jewelry use all your old gold as credit to offset the cost.

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NYC Jewelry Review

March tends to be a popular time of the year for people to start looking for their engagement ring.The most popular shape is still the round brilliant, followed by the princess cut.

As has been the case for as long as i  can recall,the round stone is still the most expensive whey to go. You can expect to pay 15 to 20 percent more for a round stone of the same quality and color.

Just remember, you will pay more when purchased but you will also get more back if you ever want to upgrade your stone for any reason in the future. Depending on your budget it is best to buy a diamond that has been graded by the (GIA) or the Gemological Institute of America. The reason being is that thier standards are very exact and their stones will command a higher value.The second best would be the (EGL) of America.

If you chose to buy a diamond without papers, try to get a recommendation for a good jeweler in your area or feel free to contact me thru my blog or call (212)9664260. Lauren Jewelry has been in NYC for the past 33 years and have sold many (GIA )and other stones thru the years.We also hand make mountings to your specific needs and price points.Feel free to go to our web site at Lauren-